CRM Salesflow offers users a multitude of features that really help you win faster.


WON%20SalesFlow%20BIG%20MSCRMSingle View

CRM SalesFlow displays all the important information about your sales pipeline in one place, on one screen, and allows you to manage it without having to open records.

View all leads and opportunities for all sales stages, color-coded based on what’s important to you: time to close, value, age in lane or anything else.

Show more or less information about an opportunity as you wish. Use filters and CRM views to focus only on those opportunities you wish to see right now.

Zoom out to show a birds-eye-view of the pipeline. Zoom in to show more detail for each opportunity.

Priority Tacking

Quickly determine which deals you need to work on next. All the information in CRM SalesFlow is in real time.

Show which opportunities have gone stale and haven’t been worked on before your sales manager does.


Goal Management

Check progress against goals set within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Simple color-coded metrics give you the real time headlines from within your pipeline that are directly relevant to you.


Generate alerts using customisable trigger points. Create them for yourself or to monitor your team number. Take action early and avoid opportunity decay.

Pipeline Movement

Track the sales velocity and see how long it takes for deals to move from one stage to the next. Identify bottlenecks and analyse causes so that your opportunities close faster.

When it’s time to progress an opportunity, simply drag the opportunity card to the appropriate stage – even to win or lose the deal.


Touch Friendly

Drag and drop functionality from within the web browser is also touch responsive, allowing you to manage your pipeline from any mobile-enabled device, whether tablet or smartphone.

Review and interact with your pipeline wherever you’re working, whether desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Put the salesperson in control of their pipeline and allow them to work the way they want to.



CRM SalesFlow can be customised to fit your business needs giving you full control over your company’s pipeline.

Put some color back into CRM!No more hunting for information using the boring default CRM views – put some color back and have the information data jump out at you.