For CRM Partners

Are you a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner? If so, then we’d like to spend time talking about how you can use CRM Salesflow to bring maximum benefits to your customers.

In a sales environment, the sales leadership will have clear goals that they wish to achieve. These will involve strategies that need to fit into CRM. All too often, the challenge is to deliver a solution that’s cost effective without starting the design with a blank piece of paper.

That’s where CRM SalesFlow can help you, the implementation partner.

Easily extend existing functionality

CRM Salesflow extends the sales pipeline management capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Offering a single space to manage the pipeline, users can become more efficient in their updates so they spend less time on administration and more time closing deals. It encourages the use of goals within CRM, an incredibly powerful feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that still doesn’t get the airtime it deserves.

Liven up the screen

Yes, we all love the fresh look and feel since Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, but all that white space makes a list of leads/opportunities difficult to differentiate – a pain in a demo. CRM SalesFlow can be customized to color-code cards based on criteria you set, making it easy to explain and retaining interest in the demo.

Helping user adoption

One challenge partners and sales leaders face is how to ensure the chosen system is used. It’s one of the key metrics when reviewing a project. CRM SalesFlow helps move a sales team forward by bringing benefits directly to the sales user. Helping them spend less time on admin and more time on selling increased the chance of closing more. Who wouldn’t want that?

Closing a gap with other CRM systems

We know Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the best CRM system in the marketplace. Nullify the challenge from other CRM systems and partners that are using similar systems by offering CRM SalesFlow as standard.

Help them win!

CRM SalesFlow introduces further KPIs including sales velocity, a tried and tested metric in preventing inertia in the sales process. Closing deals more quickly means more deals can be won in the period – demonstrate how easy it is by including CRM SalesFlow in your demonstration.

Becoming a CRM Salesflow Partner

At CRM SalesFlow, we recognise that it’s easier for you to manage an implementation if you can own the relationship with the customer and work with them to deliver a solution. It also makes sense for you to support your customer’s entire solution, including any element relating to Sales.

We’d love you to join many other partners in our network who have added CRM SalesFlow to their product portfolio.

CRM Salesflow Partners receive the following benefits:

  • Free remote training for your team
  • Reduced price on premises training for your team
  • Second line support for your customers
  • 25% margin, rising with increasing numbers of customers
  • Internal usage rights copy of CRM SalesFlow

All this is without any partner fee.

We’d love to be able to demonstrate CRM SalesFlow to you. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please reach out and email us on