For Sales Managers

As a manager, not only do you have the overall sales number or team target to worry about, you also have to manage your people and their performance. Do you spend a large amount of your time chasing your salespeople for updates and ensuring they’re working on the right opportunity?

More selling, less admin, less chasing

In an ideal world, every member of your team would manage their time effectively and update their pipeline so that you can see the big picture.

More accurate forecasts

When you have to report to the leadership team, you don’t want to be chasing the team to update CRM at the last minute. Indeed, doing so often means figures are rushed and estimates either overly optimistic or wildly under target. Use CRM Salesflow for results that are more accurate and for a higher quality of pipeline data.

Get your team spending less time on administration and more time trying to meet that number.

Empower your salespeople

Wouldn’t it be much better to provide your team with a tool that will mean they become more efficient salespeople, using modern technology to manage their opportunities?

No excuses

Well, with CRM Salesflow for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your team is right up to date with a single view of their pipeline, sales goals and KPIs.

With CRM Salesflow’s drag and drop technology, your team can have all of their information literally at their fingertips. Progressing a lead or an opportunity has never been faster or easier.

Prevent decay

Sales velocity is an important, but underused, metric for any sales person or manager. How quickly your pipeline moves is a great indication of how well you’re driving the team. Providing this insight to your team will give them a benchmark to work with. They’ll be able to see any slowdown and respond rapidly, clearing any blockages that are prevent them achieving.

CRM Salesflow is perfect for team pipeline reviews: Zoom in or out and add notes quickly to opportunities for action or review later.

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