For Sales Users

You’ll be familiar with the need to provide information about your sales pipeline to your manager. No doubt, they’re all over it, asking you to provide additional information to that which appears on their sales reports. Although Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an excellent tool for managing your opportunities, it lacks a single space to help you manage them. That’s where CRM Salesflow comes in.

Less time for admin, more time for selling

Instead of waiting for feedback from your manager, with CRM Salesflow you can take control of your entire opportunity pipeline and be the efficient salesperson you know you are. There’s no need for nasty surprises towards month end. You can see which deals are moving along nicely, and which ones need a push.

Take Control

When it’s time to progress an opportunity to the next stage, simply drag and drop the opportunity to the stage to which it now belongs. No opening of records. No changes to drop-down fields. No saving required. And no boring white lists of opportunity data.
With a view of your goals and where you’re at in relation to them, you’ll be able to take control and manage your success. CRM Salesflow’s sales velocity measurement is there to show you how swiftly you’re able to progress your deals through the various stages of the pipeline and identify those deals that are starting to decay.

Giving you the right tool to do your job

If you’re a salesperson who’s always on the go, update CRM Salesflow from any mobile or tablet device, whenever you want, from wherever you are – CRM SalesFlow fits how you want to work.

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